ePoster - mobile advertising, super vivid


Bored with printed posters or static ads and looking for a more engaging digital advertising option for your business? ePoster – Alta Media’s digital poster is one of the most effective and reliable ways to capture attention with vibrant content that pulls consumers towards your brand.

ePoster by Alta Media (LED Poster)


Excellent image quality

  • Optimum brightness, contrast, high refresh rate.
  • Resolution: Full HD.
  • Wide viewing angle increases accessibility.
  • True colors, clear image quality attract attention.

Easy to use

  • No installation required.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Compatible with all video and image formats.
  • Simple operation.

Ultra-thin and light design

  • Super light only 35kg.
  • Ultra thin only 38mm thick.
  • The distance between LED modules is almost invisible.
  • High-grade electrostatic iron frame and slim design make the appearance elegant and highly aesthetic.
  • ePoster can move flexibly, save labor cost and easy to transport.

Intelligent control method

  • Support WIFI & HDMI & USB & Network control.
  • Built-in asynchronous and synchronous dual mode media player, support PC & Android devices.
  • Real-time content updates.
  • Support 3G/4G(Optional), Internet remote cluster control.

Multiple installation methods

  • Break the traditional installation method and make the display more eye-catching.
  • Suitable for vertical, horizontal, wall-mounting and multi-display installations in an innovative way.

Seamless coupler for larger screens

  • Supports single-screen and split-screen modes that can project continuous images or individual images.
  • LED posters can be joined together to form a larger screen.

Custom service

We offer customized services to meet all your project needs

  • Custom size
  • Custom Frame Color, Custom Logo
  • Custom design increases brand awareness.


Our products are widely used in rental and commercial displays as an alternative to the traditional poster styles. You can use display OOH, Stage, Gallery, Reception Lobby, Stadium, Trade show, Chain store, Resort, Shopping mall, etc.

Since 2008, Alta Media has been selling and renting high-quality display solutions. We provide video processors, wall LED displays, indoor LED, outdoor LED, LED curtains, LED shelves, etc. Alta Media's products are made of the best quality materials and bring brilliant vivid, sharped pictures and outstanding visual performance. Many people trusted our products because they are excellent performance, sturdy construction, ease of use, and long service life. The display solutions can be customized to meet the individual requirements of the customer.

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LED poster: application anytime, anywhere


LED poster with its outstanding advantages has developed and spread rapidly in the marketing market. The LED poster is a highly versatile device that you can use in any event, anywhere. They are now widely used as an alternative to traditionally printed posters.


Advantages of LED posters 

The LED poster is a form of advertising used both indoors and outdoors, acting as a real salesman. Because it allows conveying all the information about the products and services of a brand. Inherit the display effect of the LCD screen, but LED poster is more convenient and easier to use.

  • It can be moved anywhere, plug and play, without cumbersome installation procedures.
  • There are many ways to use LED posters, such as vertical, hanging, and screen-coupled, to meet different needs for a novel visual experience.

LED posters (digital posters) can be used for many purposes. It can be used as a separate display for informational purposes. Or can be used as an advertising screen, displaying videos, still images promoting businesses, attracting customers, giving messages, announcing a promotion program. Or you can also assemble a large HD display using the video wall function to decorate your store or during events.

Digital poster with the advantages of flexibility and high resolution makes it a perfect fit for areas such as shopping malls, retail stores, conferences, weddings, hotels, airports, trade shows to trade, galleries, museums, reception halls. In general, they can be used for commercial or informational purposes.

LED poster for commercial use

In the mall, among so many brands, what will make customers notice your products? They might walk into your store and walk around and then walk out. Let the LED poster change their attitude and decide what they take back when they leave.

What can influence consumer behavior is:

  • First, your product must be visible.
  • Second, the product is good looking and attractive.
  • Third, create a comfortable psychology, not cause discomfort to viewers.


In other way.

  1. Your store or ad should be eye-catching and stand out from the stores next door.
  2. The effect of the ad needs to be detailed, clear and compelling.
  3. The brightness and color of the advertising media must be appropriate and moderate.

LED poster completely meets the above requirements. With vivid, sharp images, their manageable size and ease of movement make them ideal eye-catchers. Presenting a visual product promotion video is more persuasive than clichés about the product's benefits. They are used to broadcasting ads about the latest product launches or brand promotions and discounts.

LED poster for informational purposes

Digital posters can be used to issue urgent announcements and instant messages; the release of shopping guide information and support service information. A commonplace you see it is at airports, piers, and non-commercial purposes. Instead, these display devices are used to display information and travel schedules for the day. They are also used to display important information such as delayed announcements or information about discounts and promotions

The same can happen in hospitals, clinics, reception halls. Although it is also used to display advertising, it mainly displays medical examinations or meeting schedules.
The special feature of Alta Media's electronic posters is that they can be used as a standalone, or you can combine them to a large LED wall. Besides, it is possible to customize various content on each poster or the same content on posters and place them in different locations around your store. It's up to you, and we can customize it for you.

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Advertise more effectively with Digital Poster


In a competitive world, every business must promote and create a brand image that has a lasting impact on the minds of the public. Besides online marketing and advertising, units also use traditional advertising through posters but apply technology, which is the digital poster.


What is a Digital Poster?

Like printed posters, digital posters (also known as LED posters) are a visual aid to help convey information about brands, products, campaigns, and events. The biggest difference of digital posters is that they can be controlled wirelessly via 4G, Wi-Fi to control what information is displayed on the screen and allows the transmission of multimedia content (GIF files, videos with audio) bar, …). This can significantly attract customers' attention and clearly show the advertising content.

LED Poster of Alta Media

Alta Media is now launching digital posters as ePoster, an easy-to-use and easy to set up display solution. It is designed to display promotions, new product information, or any other information through the LED display. And this brings a more reasonable cost for the advertising campaign than traditional poster printing. ePoster will make your advertising content visible day and night, vivid, sharp, and visually impactful like never before.

It's a display solution that delivers marketing content in real-time, with the screen's brightness optimized to be visible even when the sun is shining in. This product can be reused many times to save printing costs for businesses.

ePoster is easy to manage with real-time updates. This feature includes rendering it the right size for LED screens and ensuring smooth transitions between multiple posters. Its secondary feature is to allow users to manage it remotely. Users do not need to scroll to each media player to change the content of the screen. Instead, users can change the content from anywhere through the web interface. While remote management may seem like a simple feature, it will save a lot of time, especially if your business has a lot of digital posters.

How to use Digital Poster?

Can be used to project still images onto the screen (If you want to reuse poster sets designed for print, just be sure to adjust the size to meet specifications). This is the easiest way, but this does not take advantage of the superior benefits of the digital format.

The application that is considered the strongest point of ePoster is the embedding of multimedia, in the form of animations, GIFs, or videos with sound. This option allows for a clearer, more creative display and is more engaging to the viewer. You can also customize the posters to be able to contain more information in a variety of creative ways.


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Installation of LED screens at the Alta Company

Installing the Conference LED Display


Product model
P2.5 Indoor
11536px x 896px
Screen size
3840cm x 2240cm

Alta Media's high-end P2.5 indoor product line offers the ideal combination between excellent picture quality and intuitive usability. The meeting/conference room LED display is an indoor LED product line, like a super large TV. The screen can use slideshows and continuously change the content of images and videos. The screen is suitable for any meeting, conference, or online meeting.

  • Vibrant display content, Excellent image quality;
  • Dration, save power;
  • Not affected by ambient light;
  • The ability to customize the screen size and shape (curved, perpendicular, flat) as desired.

The all-in-one control system is compact, easy to use and maintain. Equipped with convenient wireless connection, supporting IOS, Android, Window, MAC, etc. Customers who have needs or questions about the product can call the hotline number:

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The first LED Anamorphic in Vietnam



If you've ever been impressed with Korea's Wave public media art, you are sure to look forward to seeing such a project with your own eyes one day in Vietnam. Our experts have successfully researched and developed this technology and promise to create a new wave in the DOOH field. With LED technology Anamorphic illusion, Alta Media has brought Vietnam's LED display technology to a new level. A feat in the 4.0 era display technology.


Anamorphic illusion is combined with an LED outward curtain with 90-degree bendability, providing flexibility and greatly shortening the installation and alignment time. This type of LED display is waterproof and dustproof effectively, delivering high-resolution images with outstanding brightness and contrast. With high efficiency, this type of LED can be permanently installed outdoors and operates 24/7.

Besides, Alta Media also combines LED inward triple sides with an Anamorphic illusion to create an impressive 3D "stage". This innovative combination can apply not only in the DOOH field but also widely applied in other fields. At specific viewing points, without equipment, the most complete 3D stereoscopic effect brings the perfect visual experience.

Alta Media's Anamorphic illusion LED technology will be the perfect choice to bring a new look to digital out-of-home advertising with exquisite media content, vivid 3D images. If you want to know more about this amazing technology, please contact us for consultancy./.

“Dam Sen Lake show” was reported by international media


Dam Sen Lakeshow is an impressive project that just launched on December 31, 2020, and is performed daily at Dam Sen Cultural Park. The project is an excellent combination between water screen technology and high-class water music staged and installed by Alta Media..

A large-scale water screen system with a width of 40 meters and a height of 20 meters. It has a fan-shaped uses projection device from Christie Digital (USA) with an extremely large capacity, accurately calibrate the images. From water that can instantly be turned into a screen and project videos and lasers with sharpness. It is possible to create amazing visual illusion effects that will fascinate audiences.The project was officially introduced by Christie Digital on their website and fan page. Michael Bosworth, executive vice president, Enterprise, Christie said: “We are pleased that Alta Media has chosen the Christie HS Series to power the water screens for this large-scale outdoor spectacular at Dam Sen Park”.


International media coverage on Dam Sen Lakeshow

The project was also reported by Inpark Magazine (a USA publication providing information on the latest activities in amusement parks, water parks, home entertainment centers, and attractions). InPark Magazine introduced this as the first interactive water screen project in Vietnam with the innovative “photo booth” function, where selfies taken on the spot can be displayed on the water screen during the process performances.


Besides, the project has also been reported by other international media such as Blooloop– the world’s leading online resource for professionals working in the field of attracting visitors;Cision PRWeb – the leading company in the field of online news distribution and disclosure;ProAVLAsia – provides updates on new product launches globally; 69News WFMZ-TV – đindependent television station in Pennsylvania, USA.


Dam Sen Lakeshow water music performance system, when put into operation, has met the increasing entertainment needs of “fastidious” viewers. The show truly offers incredible interactive experiences, is a great entertainment suitable for all audiences. Alta Media would like to thank Christie Digital’s equipment for making our performance project splendid and grandiose. With the background of experienced human resources and the “willingness to play” in the technology investment of Alta Media, next time we will create new and more unique projects./.

Anamorphic illusion technology


Alta Media pioneered the development of LED display technology Anamorphic illusion in Vietnam. By combining art and technology, we give viewers an amazingly realistic and vivid visual experience.

Tri-planar anamorphic LED display

Digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) is becoming more and more popular. Its purpose is to attract more consumer attention, especially in crowded places such as squares, shopping malls, and office buildings. However, among the thousands of advertisements, the biggest challenge for brands is how to make their ads stand out and attract.

Anamorphic illusion – Revolution of Digital out-of-home advertising technology 

It can be seen that the visual sensory experience is gradually becoming the “golden key” in the development of DOOH. Recently, the giant LED screen project “Wave” in Korea and “Spaceship” in China just appeared, making the world media “crazy”. These two projects used Anamorphic illusion technology – a combination of an LED screen and distortion perspective art, giving viewers a visual shock with amazing 3D rendering effects.

Anamorphosis is the art of bending images through optical illusions, requiring viewers to use special equipment or stand at a certain angle to see the finished work. This art, when expressed by advanced display technology with sharp pixels, creates a realistic, vivid feel and is called Anamorphic Illusion Technology.

Vivid images

3D space seen with the naked eye with extremely high definition

G-sync technology

Synchronize GPU and monitor, minimizing graphics distortion.

Multi angle

Best 3D stereoscopic images from multiple angles

Alta Media pioneered the research and development of LED technology Anamorphic illusion display in Vietnam. To achieve a lifelike visual experience, we use a combination of smart LED displays. These screens can effectively diffuse sunlight. The modules are water-resistant, anti-ultraviolet resistant to avoid distortion, and stable outdoor broadcasting for long periods. At the same time, the high contrast ratio, ultra-uniform refresh rate, and colors contribute to a natural, realistic three-dimensional space. With an Anamorphic illusion, we aim to transform public spaces into engaging media, bringing an aesthetic to the area’s architecture.

Alta Media designs, produces, and delivers visually appealing content on DOOH that delivers amazingly vivid images. This will be an amazing experience for everyone to see DOOH transform into a three-dimensional space. This technology can be used to display one or more distinct content. Its flexible use allows advertising to more effectively influence tastes and motivate viewers to take action, thereby boosting brand revenue./.

Interactive Sampling Robot


In today’s competitive business environment, being able to attract, serving and sastifying many customers is the key to business success. A satisfied customer is more likely to become a loyal customer. As consumer expectations continue to shift to technology-based experiences, the retail industry has no real choice but to change to meet that.

Now with robots, it’s easy to have an enjoyable, impressive shopping experience for both new and existing customers:

  • Interact with visitors at a fair or conference
  • Make visitors feel curious and attracted to your brand
  • Automate processes, freeing up crucial staff time
  • Provide information and recommendations through rich media

Robots innovate the shopping experience

In association with Closeup Vietnam, Alta Media introduces a new solution for the future of the retail industry – An interactive sampling robot. Maybe for many people, only direct interaction can bring a sense of connection, but Covid-19 has changed that. The top priority of consumers today is to ensure distance and limit close contact. This robot is the solution to automate the sample delivery process. Non-touch, non-contact, ensuring safety for both customers and staff while allowing for a real-life interactive experience.

In addition to improving productivity, this robot can create an exciting buying journey for customers. Robots recognize users, interact with them, and create a sense of a real-time shared and connected experience. Through the integrated camera, the robot can detect, greet, and interact with customers. It can detect faces to recognize customers’ smiles and take their photos. Also, the robot can detect and avoid various obstacles.


Closeup Viet Nam


Robots combine Artificial Intelligence


  • Greet new customers.
  • Take a photo.
  • Provide information.
  • Sample delivery.

The project was launched before the phase of the request for implementation of anti-epidemic measures Covid-19

All processes are completely automatic and the robot can work continuously for 24 hours. This helps to reduce stress for employees when facing customers, helps customers receive the best service, providing a non-discriminating experience between customers.

Main features

    • Integrated camera to scan environment, detect customers, trigger new chats and take a photo
    • Loudspeaker, through which the robot can speak with your chosen voice and language
    • The screen displays additional information 
    • Sample cabin and automatic delivery system
    • The magnetic encoder offers smooth movement, plus a customizable stand for optimal grip, stability, and vibration control.

Similar to how personal computers and smartphones have changed our lives. Robots (like Gradbot in Graduation online) are no longer the machines we often see in science fiction movies. They are becoming more efficient and cost-effective. Robots are a solution that can help cut costs while maintaining the best quality of service and allow employees to focus on work that brings more value./.

AI31 - Real-time Esports results in prediction


Not an eSports expert but AI can definitely help predict the outcome of the match! Mobile League: Arena of Glory in Spring and Winter 2020, official sponsor Clear Men used AI31 to predict match results with 85% accuracy with amazing fast speed.


Matches analyzed


Total number of analyzes


Match rate correctly predicted


The speed of making predictions

With any sport, winning doesn’t just depend on skill, dedication, and luck. It is often determined by strategy and performance analysis in the past and in real-time. The secret to success lies in data and esports need it too.

A landmark real-time prediction system for esports

AI31 – Artificial Intelligence System – “Hijacking Live Games” is used in the Mobile League: Arena of Glory in Spring and Winter 2020. The most significant advantage that AI31 has over humans process large amounts of data in a short time. What humans can take months to analyze and process, AI31 makes predictions in less than a minute.

Predictions are made based on consideration of pre-match factors as well as real-time factors as the match progresses. Matches are recorded with 9 variables in the match: player name, champion pick, kill, death, assist, gold, Caesar, dragons, turrets, and 4 ending variables: the damage inflicted, take damage, damage commercial recovery, MVP.

This prediction system was developed by Alta Media and Alta Software to help improve the competitive advantage of teams. Instead of wasting time equipping opponent insights, analysts and players will have time to focus on changing strategies and hone their skills. At the same time, real-time statistics and predictions help viewers know the progress of the match in the easiest way to understand.

Project information

  • Client: Clear Men Viet Nam
  • Project: AI31 – Hijacking Live Games
  • Mobile League: Arena of Glory in Spring and Winter 2020


  • Prediction always plays an important role in choosing a strategy or adjusting a squad.
  • eSports is difficult to predict the outcome due to the impact of many factors in real-time.
  • With the current human ability, it takes a lot of time to be able to predict and easily miss variables leading to inaccurate results.


Artificial intelligence – Machine learning


The Bronzer Award-winning system in the Best Use of Data category at WARC Media Awards 2020 – Global Awards is held annually to honor media campaigns that have a positive impact on business results.

The goal of Alta Media, Alta Software is to provide customers with the most accurate and reliable, and up-to-date data. We believe that this technology has the potential to reach not only esports but also opens the door to a multitude of possibilities to integrate data into businesses. Businesses can use historical data to evaluate the effectiveness of business strategies, predict customer behavior and the effectiveness of subsequent strategies.

Live Race Time Tracking system


On the track, in addition to enjoying the excitement and pleasure of conquering challenging turns, what the racers are interested in is an achievement. At Circuit Run event series – simulating the last Yamaha GP race, Alta Media used RFID technology to calculate race time – this is considered the gold standard for calculating results in modern speed races.

Reading speed up to 80km / h
Reading range up to 25m
Durable, reusable

Accurate and timely results are the most important factor in the success of any speed race. Whether it’s a small-scale internal event or a large-scale public event, participants want to know their results quickly, accurately, and reliably.

Race event explodes with live race time tracking system

At the Yamaha Circuit Run 2020 event to collect and display real-time live results on the racing venue’s screen, Alta Media offers a time-counting solution using RFID. This is a solution that calculates the exact time and provides data for display software in real-time. The system is capable of:

  • Count the lap and run times for each lap.
  • Calculate results by teams and individuals.
  • Display results in real-time.
  • Support connection via LAN, Internet.

Project information

  • Client: Yamaha Viet Nam
  • Event: Circuit Run
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh city and Da Nang city


Several methods are commonly used to record results:

  • Manual / handwritten: Stopwatch and paper can be used for time races.
  • Take pictures at the finish line with a special video camera that can capture more than 120 images per second with a time display.

The problem here is that these methods are easy to miss or confuse results. Furthermore, rendering the results live in real-time seems impossible.


RFID high frequency
Passive card

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is a technology that identifies objects by radio waves, allowing a device to read the information contained in the chip at a long distance, without the need for direct contact. Time data is automatically recorded and transmitted immediately when the transmitter ends. The RFID system is also connected to the streaming visualization software, allowing for live timing and easier real-time race data transmission. The data can be exported to a screen on the track, on the website, or via the mobile app.
The RFID system includes the following devices:

The RFID system includes the following devices:

  • RFID tags (RFID Tag, also known as transponder).
  • RFID card reader (also known as reader-reader).
  • Antenna: is the equipment that links between the card and the reader. Readers emit wave signals to activate and transmit with the card.
  • Server: receive, process data, monitoring, statistics, control.


RFID technology can be widely applied in transportation, sales, security control, human resource management, healthcare, education, … to help the work of the management are reduced, safety and accuracy enhanced./.

Alta Media hopes that with the support of RFID technology, a lot of work done by humans will be reduced, more efficient, and quality.