On January 13, more than 7,000 Buddhists participated in the Dharma Talk Program “Giac Mo Lon” hosted by Master Minh Niem. As a digital solution provider, Alta Media has brought a unique experience, spreading peaceful energy to thousands of Buddhists attending the program.

Alta Media is the digital solution provider for the Dharma Talk Program "Giac Mo Lon" by master Minh Niem

Dharma Talk program “Giac Mo Lon” was held at Quoc An Khai Tuong Pagoda and chaired by Master Minh Niem. He is one of the most talented and virtuous teachers, famous for his book Understanding the Heart and his extremely meaningful lectures on Buddhism, conveying positive energy to young people. Accompanying Master Minh Niem’s ​​Dharma talk program, Alta Media created a new and impressive dream contemplation session through modern technological equipment.

From the opening part of the program, thousands of Buddhists felt the gentle, peaceful energy through the simple, intimate images painstakingly designed by Alta Media. Most especially, on the nearly 20-hectare campus of Quoc An Khai Tuong Pagoda, these images are displayed very vividly, and visually pleasing to the eye with modern 3D Mapping technology.

Alta Media's 3D Mapping technology provides an impressive visual experience

3D Mapping projection technology is the most modern and advanced application today with the ability to reproduce images realistically. They are like a painting portrayed by light, leading the viewer into the emotions of the space. Therefore, at the Dharma Talk Program “Giac Mo Lon”, Alta Media applied this advanced technology throughout the program, to convey the message and spread peaceful energy to thousands of Buddhists.

To have such impressive and powerful visual experiences, Alta Media has applied modern technological equipment. Within the framework of the program, the Talk & Music session used a total of 6 Christie 22k projectors – D20WU-HS.

Alta Media uses high-quality equipment to deliver extremely sharp images

The D20WU-HS device with BoldColor technology and WUXGA resolution reproduces extremely vivid and realistic images. At the same time, this projection device also has a brightness of up to 20,600 lumens, and color accuracy is absolutely enhanced. In addition, Alta Media chose the Christie 22k projector because of its compact design, which can be easily installed, moved, and flexible in any space. This is also the lightest and brightest projector on the market today.

In addition to quality projectors, Alta Media also uses specialized event equipment from PIXELHUE – one of the world’s leading video processing solution providers. To operate a program with a scale of thousands of people, Series F8 is the ideal choice with many outstanding advantages.

Series F8 connects to a Full HD Livestream Camera that broadcasts live images on the Mapping surface

Series F8 is one of PIXELHUE’s products with multi-screen event management capabilities. Designed with 8 input and 8 output ports, the device is suitable for all formats, optimizing the selection of different modules. The F8 series operates with stable performance and can transmit 4k@60hz 4:4:4 10bits video at high speed and accuracy.

Within the framework of Master Minh Niem’s ​​Dharma talk program, Series F8 is also connected by Alta Media to a Full HD Livestream Camera to broadcast live images at the scene on 3 Mapping surfaces. With high performance, the device can completely ensure image quality and accuracy. At the same time, Series F8 is also user-friendly, easy to use, and can meet all presentation requirements.

Master Minh Niem's ​​Dharma Talk Program attracted more than 7,000 Buddhists to attend

Thanks to the application of advanced, top-quality equipment, Alta Media has successfully applied modern technology to religious culture, bringing a peaceful art space to Buddhists. Besides the profound and meaningful lectures of Master Minh Niem, more than 7,000 Buddhists also enjoyed quiet, peaceful music performances with unique visual effects designed by Alta Media.

Master Minh Niem’s ​​Dharma Talk Program brought valuable experiences with moments of peace and quiet. Accompanying the program, Alta Media is extremely proud to have the opportunity to apply technological advantages to build a solemn Buddhist space, spread peaceful energy, and focus, and promote good religious values. of the nation.



On December 17th, the Nutrilite Kids product launch event took place in Ho Chi Minh City, featuring a plethora of meaningful and beneficial activities. Particularly, the mesmerizing “aerial artistry” showcased in the Drone Light Show left a profound impression on attendees.

Alta Media accompanies the Nutrilite Kids product launch event

Nutrilite, the pioneering nutritional plant-based brand of the Amway conglomerate, focuses on providing natural nutritional products to support health and ensure the quality of dietary regimes. Eager to emphasize product development through modern science, Nutrilite collaborated with Alta Media to introduce a new display technology – the visually captivating Drone Light Show, designed to enchant every spectator.

Receiving warm acclaim from consumers, Nutrilite continued its commitment to unveiling new products for children. The Nutrilite product launch event marked a significant milestone in the brand’s dedication to nutrition and healthcare. In light of this meaningful occasion, high-level distributors, agents, and consumers were treated to insights on nutrition and healthy child development by Amway’s Nutrilite Scientific Advisor, Jennifer Dang.

Attendees can listen to useful sharing about nutrition and health

Within the event framework, attendees were not only provided with valuable health information but also treated to unique performances. The standout feature was, without a doubt, the Drone Light Show orchestrated by Alta Media.

The Drone Light Show involves unmanned aerial vehicles capable of creating complex and impressive light effects. Integrating modern technology and precise techniques, these small flying devices transform into dazzling, larger-than-life images. In recent years, Drone Light Shows have become a global technology trend, highly favored at major events such as festivals, concerts, and exhibitions.

Interactive dance performance with Alta Media's Drone Light Show

At the Nutrilite Kids product launch event, Alta Media showcased the full allure of unmanned aerial devices through an interactive art performance. Leveraging advanced technology, precise control capabilities, and flexible responsiveness, Alta Media’s Drone Light Show moved gracefully, synchronizing with the choreography to deliver a mesmerizing performance that held the audience’s gaze.

Previously, the Drone Light Show had already displayed its artistic prowess at the HOUSE OF TECH event organized by Alta Media, receiving significant attention from attendees. With technological prowess, Alta Media confidently promises to bring even more unique art performances, becoming a focal point for all events. Through the fusion of art and technology in this event, the Nutrilite Kids product launch was successfully concluded. Alta Media takes pride in creating unforgettable and enduring experiences.

As a business committed to constant innovation and technical breakthroughs, Alta Media consistently applies modern technology to provide useful solutions and unique experiences for its customers. To date, the company has become an ideal partner for many brands, successfully realizing numerous projects and turning every imaginative idea into reality.”

ASUS IoT Device Application for Festival Check-in Management Platform Solution

ASUS IoT Device Application for Festival Check-in Management Platform Solution

1. Introduce

In the age of digital technology, comprehensive digital transformation solutions will help businesses improve their capacity to manage and operate events, festivals, etc. with a ticketing system, inspection, and control of the number of participating customers. , entering and exiting the event area, to optimize revenue, minimize the possibility of circumvention, bad guys stealing, fake tickets causing revenue loss, controlling the number of people in the area, as well as the current security of the event. event.

In the field of events and festivals, through festival management system applications such as online/offline ticketing systems, facial recognition check-in systems, recharge/non-cash payment systems, sales systems, and sales management systems,… festival organizers will have an overall picture of customers who have been coming to the festival or their booths at all times. Thanks to that, it helps improve the analysis, comparison, evaluation and capture of activities taking place in the area, control the amount of revenue and invoices of the booths, and capture revenue at any time during the period. at the same time, the event is taking place.

Hình 1: Festival Management Platform Solutions

At the same time, optimizing the service process helps increase customer experience and attract customers to buy more, increasing professionalism because all stages apply technology, optimizing customer experience. Another big problem in implementing large programs is that the number of people is out of control, causing congestion and congestion. With the check-in system using facial recognition, each customer only takes 5 seconds to check in and enter the event quickly, everything is almost automated, no need to waste much time. Prepare procedures, personnel, and security controls.

Besides, how to deploy the system is also an issue that businesses are concerned about because it accounts for the majority of deployment costs. Currently, in terms of infrastructure, Asus and Intel are pioneers in providing many hardware solutions, contributing to accelerating the progress of applications from idea generation to deployment. businesses or end users.

More specifically, in this report, we will focus on presenting the solution “ASUS IoT Application for Festival Management Platform Solution”.

2. Technical solutions

Hình 2: System overview

Regarding system processing, the festival management platform model was converted and optimized to the cloud to adjust the model structure to increase processing speed on special hardware while still maintaining accuracy. equivalent. The model was then placed and run on the hardware we used which was the ASUS EBS-I10 – Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9500TE CPU @ 2.20GHZ x6.

The hardware is responsible for being a server, controlling input and output data between it and the clients below such as check-in devices, top-ups, sales devices, website management systems, etc. These devices communicate with each other through the internet environment (online), and can still be used even in an environment without the internet (offline).

3. Results

Below are some illustrations of the functions of the systems in the solution.


Hình 6: Facial recognition check-in system

Hình 8: Revenue management

Hình 5: Sales management

Hình 7: Transaction management

Hình 9: Manage the number of check-ins

4. Conclude

Asus-Intel’s comprehensive support infrastructure platform on both hardware and software has provided a very useful set of solutions not only in the festival field but also in many other fields, where applications for AI are still trending. Thanks to that, we can quickly realize and deploy other solutions to customers and businesses. However, we still need to continuously improve models, improve processing speed, and ensure system stability in the context of increasing market demand and increasingly demanding requirements. more complex.

5. Events have applied the solution

353623765_579449100981762_8197018167787045364_n (2) (1)

Bắt đầu dự án mới với chúng tôi



After days of waiting, HOUSE OF TECH has finally opened the gate to bring you to explore the unparalleled world of technology like never before.

In the era of Industry 4.0, technology is advancing and innovating at an unprecedented pace. Modern devices have significantly contributed to improving the quality of human life. Recognizing this, the shift to digital has become an essential trend of the era, aiming to build a sustainable future.

Understanding this, Alta Media always strives to bring cutting-edge devices that lead the global technology trends. And it’s all cherished and gathered at HOUSE OF TECH – a place to showcase the highest technologies for the event field.

HOUSE OF TECH is an event organized by Alta Media in collaboration with partner units such as Unigons, Alta Software, Alta Robotics, INFiLED, Pixelhue, Christie, An Bach Layer Truss, and The Right Turn. The collaboration between major businesses in the technology field has opened up an outstandingly modern space, unleashing creative inspiration.

Every guest to HOUSE OF TECH is amazed by the technology system of the future. The first impression is the smart Robot application with its eye-catching appearance and useful features.

The technology Robot system at HOUSE OF TECH not only displays information, but they can also actively play the role of welcoming staff. Programmed by Alta Software, the Robot can automatically recognize faces and interact with everyone. The intelligent features of technology-driven Robots contribute to the allure of HOUSE OF TECH.

The more attendees explore the HOUSE OF TECH technology space, the more attendees are surprised by the state-of-the-art devices. Notably, Projection Mapping technology has designed a captivating space with dazzling visual effects and an immersive interactive experience. Projection Mapping is one of the impressive technological applications in the events industry and is now showcased at HOUSE OF TECH.

Additionally, attendees of HOUSE OF TECH are visually stimulated by the unique projection system. LED screens with ultra-high resolution from Alta Media deliver sharp and vivid images. Furthermore, Hologram technology and transparent screens become distinctive focal points, attracting the attention of HOUSE OF TECH visitors. These technologies have experienced significant leaps and garnered widespread interest.

Especially in recent times, unmanned aerial vehicles – Drone Shows have gained popularity among the technology enthusiast community. Small drones can create giant images through advanced technical capabilities.

The special attraction of unmanned aerial vehicles is fully demonstrated in the Indoor Drone Performance segment. The performance requires high-tech skills, precise control, and flexible improvisation. HOUSE OF TECH has successfully met all requirements, captivating the viewers with a performance that blends art and technology.

HOUSE OF TECH has truly become a “playground” for technology enthusiasts to explore,  and connect. Through Workshops, Q&A sessions, attendees have the opportunity to learn more about devices such as features, technical specifications, or applications capabilities. All queries from visitors are patiently addressed by the experienced technical team at HOUSE OF TECH.

As part of the program, HOUSE OF TECH also witnessed the signing ceremony of the development cooperation between Alta Media, INFiLED, and PixelHue. This marks a significant milestone for a sustainable development future, jointly building a new era of technology.

As part of the program, HOUSE OF TECH also witnessed the signing ceremony of the development cooperation between Alta Media, INFiLED, and PixelHue. This marks a significant milestone for a sustainable development future, jointly building a new era of technology.

Come and join HOUSE OF TECH now to discover the power of technology for the events industry.

📌Detailed information about the HOUSE OF TECH event:

– Event time: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM on November 21 and 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM on November 22

– Address: Queen Plaza, 91B2 Pham Van Hai, Ward 3, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

– Register to participate in the program at the following link:



Over the past two days, on October 21-22, K-Pop fans in Ho Chi Minh City were immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of one of the biggest music festivals in 2023, WOW K-MUSIC FESTIVAL, held in the Vạn Phúc City urban area. This event not only gathered renowned K-Pop stars but also featured a fusion of LED screens and top-notch stage effects, giving it an international flair.

Vạn Phúc City - the Venue for WOW K-MUSIC

During the 2-day event, WOW K-MUSIC FESTIVAL drew tens of thousands of spectators to the stage in Vạn Phúc City to witness a star-studded lineup, including Chanyeol (EXO), SUPER JUNIOR L.S.S, iKON, CIX, Park Jihoon, YoungJae, Yugyeom, and 10 other famous DJs.

As a companion to the musical feast at the WOW K-MUSIC FESTIVAL, Alta Media delivered a visually stunning experience, starting with the performance of two transparent LED screens that created beautiful motion effects.

A Grandly Staged Show

Designed like two curtains gradually closing, it allowed subtle lighting to focus on the center of the stage. This was the moment when the visuals of the artists were vividly projected, leaving a remarkable and memorable impression on the audience, both local and international.

More than just the transition between performances, the transparent LED screens at WOW K-MUSIC FESTIVAL served as a vibrant canvas where light and art met brilliantly. This created a friendly, passionate, and harmonious ambiance.

Alta Media's LED Screen System Spanning WOW K-MUSIC Stage

In addition to the transparent LED screens, Alta Media introduced an outdoor LED screen system, the P3 SMD 3in1, covering a total area of over 350m². This system was specially designed to cater to outdoor media and entertainment events, offering sharp image quality and vivid colors for a fantastic visual experience for the audience.

Furthermore, Alta Media also supported 17 auxiliary screens at WOW K-MUSIC FESTIVAL, playing a crucial role in assisting the artists during their performances, meeting the demands for high quality and resolution.

Auxiliary LED Screen System at WOW K-MUSIC

WOW K-MUSIC FESTIVAL was also an opportunity for fans, both local and international, to come together and exchange cultural experiences. Fans had the chance to learn more about their favorite artists, share emotions, and have many exciting experiences.

As WOW K-MUSIC FESTIVAL came to a close, it marked a memorable musical journey and a meeting place for art enthusiasts, reaching the pinnacle of cultural and entertainment events. Alta Media takes pride in being an integral part of the WOW K-MUSIC FESTIVAL 2023, bridging the gap between art and the audience, and creating unforgettable memories.

Super Junior's member Shin Dong expressed his affection for the fans

For the best consulting support and quotes, please contact directly the contacts below:

  • Anh Hoàng Minh Anh Tài – 0933 802 408
  • Anh Hoàng Minh Anh Tú – 0903 045 711
  • Chị Trần Phương Tú Khuê – 0902 468 830

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For the first time in Ho Chi Minh City, a technology exhibition for events was organized on a grand scale. The collaboration between Alta Media and nearly 30 other companies created a unique world of technology at the Event Technology Exhibition.

Alta Media showcased cutting-edge technology equipment, providing the most immersive experiences

On October 14th, the press and media focused their attention on the Event Technology Exhibition (ETE). This event showcased the latest technology in event organization, offering the most advanced equipment and unforgettable experiences. The grandeur of the Event Technology Exhibition attracted over 10,000 visitors to the GEM Center. Serving as a technology partner, Alta Media played a crucial role in the visual aspect with its state-of-the-art projection system.

The ETE exhibition utilized the entire GEM Center space to create a virtual world, showcasing the most advanced modern equipment. With a total area of over 5,000 square meters, the exhibition was divided into three areas with three themes: "To The Ocean," "To The Cave," and "To The Forest." All these areas are seamlessly connected to create a journey of exploration through the world of technology.

Technology robots welcomed attendees

Starting from the check-in area, attendees were amazed by unique technology systems like Holomesh and Holotube. Furthermore, guests were welcomed by technology robots and interactive screens. All these devices were provided by Alta Media to enhance the excitement of the Event Technology Exhibition from the very beginning.

With the spirit of "Dare To Inspire" at ETE, Alta Media challenged themselves, harnessing the power of creative technology to transform the virtual ocean world in the "To The Ocean" section. To create a truly immersive experience of the vast ocean, Alta Media employed Projection Mapping on walls and floors in combination with two 20m x 5m Gauze screens.

Cutting-edge technology led visitors to explore the depths of the ocean

This creativity simulated an unexpected deep-sea expedition. Attendees were immersed in a dazzling and surreal world with the most advanced projection technology provided by Alta Media.

Beyond the vast ocean, Alta Media guided visitors to explore mysterious caves. Welcoming visitors was Alta Media's 2-meter-wide mist screen. This unique technology used water vapor to display images on the mist screen, allowing objects to pass through. Through Alta Media's mist screen, visitors felt like they had entered a mystical cave, creating an incredibly realistic experience.

Alta Media is the technology partner of the Event Technology Exhibition

Finally, visitors got to explore the "To The Forest" zone on the top floor of the GEM Center, resembling a technological feast with a range of cutting-edge equipment. At the end of their journey through the world of technology, all attendees certainly had unforgettable and impressive experiences.

In addition to the exhibition space, visitors also enjoyed artistic performances combined with projection technology. The performances, which combined projection, sound, and lighting systems, created a visual "explosion," igniting endless inspiration in the infinite world of technology.

As the technology partner of the Event Technology Exhibition, Alta Media is incredibly proud to have contributed to the success of this dazzling technology showcase. Moreover, this event served as a bridge for collaborating entities to create new technology trends.

In the era of Industry 4.0, Alta Media is committed to staying at the forefront of digital transformation, offering unique technology solutions. To date, Alta Media has successfully completed many projects, becoming the ideal partner for brands looking to apply innovative scientific and creative technology to turn bold ideas into reality.

LASER Technology "the perfect catalyst" for the Kennation World Banquet celebrating Heineken's 150th anniversary

LASER Technology “the perfect catalyst”
for KENNATION - The world's banquet on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Heineken brand

On the evening of October 7 at Tran Bach Dang Street, Thu Thiem Ward, City. Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City (Ba Son Bridge), on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of its founding, Heineken offered the opportunity to experience for free the event "The World's Banquet - Kennation" combining sports and music. As a unit specializing in providing great experiences with light-enabled Laser equipment, Alta Media is pleased to accompany Heineken in this Kennation Music Party.

The world's great party - Kennation in Thu Duc city

On the occasion of celebrating this meaningful journey, Heineken brought the event "150 Years of Jubilation - The World's Great Party" to Vietnam, along with a series of interesting activities for Kennation residents. Great music party World-class music and sports - Kennation is an exciting combination of modern technology, fresh experiences, and top-notch music.

Thousands of residents of Kennation were present on the evening of October 7 and enjoyed a satisfying music party with performances combining "extreme" sound and light, especially Laser technology. Modern FB4 Ultimate equipment from Alta Media increases the appeal of the performances.

Alta Media's Laser Show at Kennation - The World's Great Party

"The World's Banquet - Kennation" has successfully brought unique experiences to the audience with an elaborately designed stage. One of the main highlights of the show is the epic Laser effect, using 12 25w outdoor lasers equipped with FB4 ultimate to create a lively space and cover the stage. The combination created an impressive visual experience as international DJ Alan Walker performed his hits. The light is continuously controlled from the color to the shape of the artistic rays, providing precise movement and capturing every musical moment. All of this has created a lively and impressive space for the audience attending the show.

Thiết bị Laser của Alta Media

Laser technology is optimally utilized by the Alta Media technical department in turning visual effects that match every detail in the stages of the event thanks to the design of lights according to each individual graphics card, meeting the needs of separate motion adjustments or uniform lasers on stage. This is considered one of the important light aids, the "perfect catalyst" for the success of the World's Banquet - Kennation

The spectacular stage staging combined with Alta Media's Laser technology

The World's Banquet - Kennation ended well by letting the audience enjoy the festive season to the fullest from the wonderful sound and lighting, especially the unique visual effects that Alta Media's Laser Orchestra brings.  

ALTA MEDIA provides technological equipment for Rap Viet All - Star Concert 2023

ALTA MEDIA provides technological equipment for Rap Viet All-Star Concert 2023

On the evening of October 7, Rap Viet All-Star Concert 2023 took place at the S.E.C.C Fair and Exhibition Center, District 7. The event attracted more than 10,000 spectators, this is considered a large-scale concert. Large and majestic scale with investment in stage and security for attendees through the Access Control system provided by Alta Media.

Coaches at Rap Viet All-Star Concert 2023

The performance gave the audience a truly memorable night with its “playful” lighting, sound, and stage effects. This is considered an extremely majestic music party, where “Homies” who love rap music can immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere, watch eye-catching performances, and satisfy both visually and aurally. sense. The program has the participation of more than 30 rappers, coaches, and contestants participating in Rap Viet season 3.

In order for the show to take place successfully and smoothly, it is impossible not to mention the QR code check-in system provided by Alta Media. To ensure security for attendees, Concert has invested in 26 automatic check-in systems to help participants easily complete procedures and quickly join the “party” at the show. With that investment, the professionalism and scale of this show can be seen.

Not stopping there, this time the Access Control system was asked by the organizers to add a new feature that can identify the check-in line of participants. Alta Media has cooperated with Alta Software to successfully update that feature. The system will notify directly on the Access Control screen about the check-in line and assist audiences in avoiding the wrong ticket line.

Alta Media's Access Control system at Rap Viet All-Star Concert 2023

LED screen system at Rap Viet All-Star Concert 2023

With this success, Rap Viet’s crew knows how to use the LED screen system – provided by Alta Media to create a multi-sensory music space for the audience and has brought it to them. a most wonderful experience.

Eye-catching visual images that increase the “burning” of the performances will be shown through 2 16Mw x 5.5Mh LED screens provided by Alta Media. In addition to the main LED screen, the program also arranges two additional 7Mw x 4Mh live cam screens so that audiences far from the stage can easily follow the performances. Furthermore, in the middle of the stage is a 6Mw x 9Mh curved screen, giving viewers a more interesting feeling. In total, the show used more than 300 square meters of LEDs in many different sizes, creating beautiful effects for the entire show.

Attendees line up to prepare to participate in the Rap Viet All-Star concert

With more than 10,000 attendees, once again Rap Viet All-Star Concert 2023 has affirmed its position. The show affirmed the appeal of Rap music to fans and left many unforgettable impressions on them through investment in LED screens, sound, lighting, and more, updated technology. Check-in technology to ensure security and ease for participants. The Access Control system is considered a highlight of the program, making check-in easier than ever.



Within the framework of the MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023 event, Alta Media has cooperated with Unigons to bring the most modern projection system. With advanced technology, Alta Media has made a strong impression on attendees, bringing wonderful visual experiences to more than 2,000 attendees.

MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023 is held for the first time in Vietnam

On September 29, 2023, a unique event combining a conference with an exhibition on technology in the marketing field took place at InterContinental Saigon. Most notably, the program brought together major multi-sector domestic and international brands. This is also the first time MMA Global has chosen Vietnam to host this unique event in Asia. With its honor, Alta Media has brought modern projection technology, contributing to increasing the appeal of the program.

At MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023, attendees will be immersed in the most advanced technology space in the field of Marketing, exploring potential future trends. At the same time, the program also has interactive activities to receive attractive gifts from many brands, creating a very exciting atmosphere.

Alta Media's LED mesh is placed on the main stage to attract guests attending MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023

Responding to the theme of Imagine The Future, Alta Media especially brings the most modern projection system. Specifically, the P2.5 Indoor LED screen system and modern LED mesh with brilliant effects have sketched an overview of the future of the Marketing industry.

Currently, LED mesh is one of the projection technologies favored by many businesses because of its clear display ability, vivid images, and high transparency, bringing experiences to customers when attending events. With those outstanding advantages, MMA Innovate 2023 used LED mesh from Alta Media at the main stage, easily attracting the attention of attendees. With dimensions of 8.4Mw x 3.6Mh and 52 LED Tube bars, Alta Media’s LED screen helped the event create a very modern and sophisticated space.

Alta Media also offers a modern P2.5 Indoor LED system

Besides the LED grid, Alta Media also offers a P2.5 Indoor LED screen system with dimensions of 3.2mW x 1.92mH and 4.48mW x 2.56mH respectively. This is a high-resolution LED system, ensuring sharp images at every angle.

Through projection technology from Alta Media, the MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023 event truly portrays the picture of the modern future. Not only can visitors experience state-of-the-art equipment, but also participate in seminars to listen to extremely useful sharing from experts and leaders in the Marketing industry.

MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023 has become an exchange place for technology enthusiasts in the field of marketing. At the same time, the event is also a bridge for businesses, opening up many opportunities for cooperation and development in the future. We are confident that, through the LED system from Alta Media, visitors will have extremely impressive and unforgettable experiences.

For the best consulting support and quotes, please contact directly the contacts below:
Mr. Tai Hoang: 093.3802408 Ms. Khue Tran: 090.2468830
Address: 86/33 Au Co, Ward 9, Tan Binh District (enter alley 220/54/8 Au Co)



Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival 2024, abbreviated as HIFF 2024, officially kicked off on the afternoon of September 20. As a sponsor of this event, Alta Media had the opportunity to attend the press conference, contributing to promoting Vietnam’s cultural industry.

Representative of Alta Media company - Hoang Minh Anh Tai and Mr. Pham Minh Toan - Chairman of the Board of Directors of VietFest at HIFF 2024

The 2024 International Film Festival is the largest cultural event ever held in Ho Chi Minh City. This is the first international film festival organized by the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, and has been long-awaited. Therefore, at the press conference held on September 20, the 2024 International Film Festival attracted interest and attention from many media units, while also gathering artists, actors, Critic of Vietnamese film industry. As one of the event sponsors, Alta Media received an invitation to attend the press conference, interact and share with guests.

At the press conference of the 2024 International Film Festival, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture and Information of Ho Chi Minh City shared that HIFF 2024 is an important event in the film industry, expected to expand in scale in Southeast Asia. Through the event, this will be a bridge for exchange and cooperation between Vietnam and the world. Not only that, the International Film Festival will bring many opportunities to promote the image and culture of Ho Chi Minh City to promote tourism and investment.

Because of that great meaning and goal, Alta Media is pleased to be a technology sponsor at the press conference of the 2024 International Film Festival. The launching ceremony took place extremely successfully with support from delegates. , artists as well as newspapers and television stations.

Mr. Hoang Minh Anh Tai signed a cooperation agreement with the 2024 International Film Festival

To mark this meaningful milestone, the Representative of Alta Media Company – Hoang Minh Anh Tai signed a Memorandum of Understanding on sponsorship and cooperation between HIFF and partner units. This is the starting ceremony for promising future cooperation, as well as a commitment to the goal of building a meaningful event for the Vietnamese cinema industry. Through its contributions, Alta Media hopes to contribute to promoting the development of the Vietnamese film industry as well as creating conditions for new talents to express themselves through an artistic lens.

In addition to important rituals, the 2024 International Film Festival also has other meaningful activities. A typical example is the extremely useful exchange and question-and-answer session between the organizers and reporters. Through that, attendees can better understand the direction and goals of future development.

Alta Media is a company specializing in providing information and communications technology solutions, products, and services, especially in the fields of telecommunications and programmable electronic technology. To date, Alta Media has had 15 years of operation and development, successfully implementing many projects for major partners with many creative ideas.

As the sponsor of the 2024 Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival, Alta Media is extremely proud to be a part of the journey of developing the film industry. From the success of today’s press conference, we are confident that the 2024 International Film Festival will be a great success and will grow stronger in the future.


For the best consulting support and quotes, please contact directly the contacts below:

Ms. Khue Tran: 0902.468830

Address: 86/33 Au Co, Ward 9, Tan Binh District (enter alley 220/54/8 Au Co)