Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival 2024, abbreviated as HIFF 2024, officially kicked off on the afternoon of September 20. As a sponsor of this event, Alta Media had the opportunity to attend the press conference, contributing to promoting Vietnam’s cultural industry.

Representative of Alta Media company - Hoang Minh Anh Tai and Mr. Pham Minh Toan - Chairman of the Board of Directors of VietFest at HIFF 2024

The 2024 International Film Festival is the largest cultural event ever held in Ho Chi Minh City. This is the first international film festival organized by the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, and has been long-awaited. Therefore, at the press conference held on September 20, the 2024 International Film Festival attracted interest and attention from many media units, while also gathering artists, actors, Critic of Vietnamese film industry. As one of the event sponsors, Alta Media received an invitation to attend the press conference, interact and share with guests.

At the press conference of the 2024 International Film Festival, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture and Information of Ho Chi Minh City shared that HIFF 2024 is an important event in the film industry, expected to expand in scale in Southeast Asia. Through the event, this will be a bridge for exchange and cooperation between Vietnam and the world. Not only that, the International Film Festival will bring many opportunities to promote the image and culture of Ho Chi Minh City to promote tourism and investment.

Because of that great meaning and goal, Alta Media is pleased to be a technology sponsor at the press conference of the 2024 International Film Festival. The launching ceremony took place extremely successfully with support from delegates. , artists as well as newspapers and television stations.

Mr. Hoang Minh Anh Tai signed a cooperation agreement with the 2024 International Film Festival

To mark this meaningful milestone, the Representative of Alta Media Company – Hoang Minh Anh Tai signed a Memorandum of Understanding on sponsorship and cooperation between HIFF and partner units. This is the starting ceremony for promising future cooperation, as well as a commitment to the goal of building a meaningful event for the Vietnamese cinema industry. Through its contributions, Alta Media hopes to contribute to promoting the development of the Vietnamese film industry as well as creating conditions for new talents to express themselves through an artistic lens.

In addition to important rituals, the 2024 International Film Festival also has other meaningful activities. A typical example is the extremely useful exchange and question-and-answer session between the organizers and reporters. Through that, attendees can better understand the direction and goals of future development.

Alta Media is a company specializing in providing information and communications technology solutions, products, and services, especially in the fields of telecommunications and programmable electronic technology. To date, Alta Media has had 15 years of operation and development, successfully implementing many projects for major partners with many creative ideas.

As the sponsor of the 2024 Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival, Alta Media is extremely proud to be a part of the journey of developing the film industry. From the success of today’s press conference, we are confident that the 2024 International Film Festival will be a great success and will grow stronger in the future.


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Calligraphy Robotic : When technology gives traditional art



Calligraphy is an art that appeared a long time ago and is often used to express people’s thoughts through written language, it contains traditional national values and is educational for people about morality. , human life. But in today’s era, when society is increasingly developing, people are gradually exposed to more modern things such as computers and phones, but gradually forget the traditional characters of the nation. Because of that, Alta Media’s Calligraphy Robotic was born as a tool both to avoid obliterating the art of calligraphy and to catch up with the breath of modern technology.

Calligraphy Robotic makes calligraphic writing breathe with modern technology 

The appearance of the Calligraphy Robot?

Calligraphy Robotic, also known as Calligraphy Robot, was first developed in 2012 by a research team at Keio University in Tokohama (Japan), under the direction of Professor Seiichiro Katsura. It is designed with a mechanical arm to teach students how to properly hold the brush and perform the strokes of a kanji or the intricate strokes of shodo.

While it took people many years to study shodo properly but only with Calligraphy Robotic every work of art can be instantly recreated by its ability to capture all the nuances of gestures and movements without robots get. Its birth is receiving a lot more attention by brands and businesses in Asian countries with the desire to bring new experiences and preserve the beauty of traditional artistic writing.


What is special about Calligraphy Robotic?

The use of technology known as a motion copying system helps the robot identify, store, and mimic drawings, no matter how complex. Using the main motor attached to the brush handle and the auxiliary motor attached to the brush head, these two motors attached to the robot help to capture movement and speed like a true artist.

In addition, it can perfectly reproduce the force exerted on the brush and this is also the most important element in the art of calligraphy. All this is done using specially designed sensors and Alta Media hopes that with Calligraphy Robotic calligraphy can be set up perfectly.


Features of Calligraphy Robotic

Easy to imitate handwriting style

Write faster with high accuracy

Diverse workspace

Give your brand a personal touch


The Importance of Calligraphy with Calligraphy Robotic

Young people in Vietnam in particular and the world in general are living in a society that has too many wonderful gadgets such as video games and attractive items that attract attention. In addition, the generation gap is increasing and traditional values are receiving less attention than ever. It makes many people worry that the art of calligraphy is gradually disappearing and there are not enough young people to participate. That is also the purpose of the researched calligraphic writing robot.

Calligraphy robot of Alta Media allows calligraphy to be fun, faster and more complete than we could have imagined. In addition to avoiding the destruction of this traditional art form, it can also store and preserve data for use in teaching writing. In addition to using a robot during Tet, it can also be applied in many other situations and creates unexpected effects for attendees.

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Discover the popular types of poster in 2021


The poster is the most marketing common variable, used by many organizations and businesses. This is an effective communication tool that is inexpensive and aimed at the audience and possible customers. Because of those benefits, Posters are widely and widely used in many fields. Let’s find out with Alta Media the most commonly used poster types today.

What is poster?

A poster is a media publication to convey information about a brand, product, campaign, event, etc. with images to viewers. Despite the rapid advancements of technology, there are many new methods to promote information, but it is still one of the simple, accessible, and effective ways! Information about attractive promotions, opening times, promotional gifts, etc. of the business is notified to customers quickly.

Poster brings high efficiency through promoting the interest of customers to the information it displays. They are often placed in crowded places, attracting people's attention such as shopping malls, cinemas, bus stops, supermarkets. As an important part of the marketing campaign, it is a great tool for businesses to promote their brands at a very small cost compared to other forms of advertising such as through radio and television.

Popular types of posters

Based on the content transmitted, people are divided into 3 popular types:

1. Advertising poster Poster


Commercial posters are the most common and most common type. They are used to advertise products and services. Such posters have a large image along with a slogan, message, and a few hints about a special feature of the product or service. It also has information for viewers about where they can find the product or service.

2. Posters conveying community information


A type of poster that also appears frequently in public places is a poster that conveys community information. It conveys information about events, movies, celebrities, propaganda, promotion. The purpose of this type is not to promote much but to inform and propagate messages about events and awareness to the community to promote and call on viewers to act.

3. Poster art


This type of poster is often used to propagate art and cultural events such as movies, photos, plays, exhibitions, etc. In addition, art posters are also often used for special marketing communication purposes. It spreads awareness of a complete campaign rather than simply promoting the brand.

Based on the material, people are divided into 3 types:

1. Outdoor posters


The material used for outdoor posters is usually hi flex material. The main structure from PVC, hi flex has high durability, able to withstand harsh weather.

2. Indoor posters


The main materials used are paper such as couch paper, Bristol paper... Indoor design is very diverse with many designs, colors do not require high printing techniques.

3. Digital poster


Multimedia content is displayed on an LED screen instead of being printed, which can be used outdoors or indoors. Compared to traditional static posters, digital posters are cheaper, better engage customers, and easier to manage.

A poster is considered successful if it conveys the message clearly and influences the viewer's thoughts and actions in the direction desired by the business/organization. There are many types of popular posters that bring great effects not only to businesses and brands but also to the community. Hopefully, the above information will help you have more options for your business' promotion campaign to attract more attention than your business is aiming for./.

Online Graduation Solution


The dream of attending the graduation ceremony of students and students will come true during the epidemic season with the online Graduation Ceremony solution. With the help of the Gradbot robot, the honoring ceremony can still take place completely, safely, and following social distancing regulations.


A graduation ceremony is an important event, recognizing the results of a process of studying hard and marking each person's growth step. Whether you're a student, high school student, or preschooler, graduation is definitely an important milestone.

As the pandemic continues, more and more facilities are shutting down and schools are the first to be affected. While it is impossible to predict what will happen in the next few months, the graduation ceremony will likely have to be postponed or canceled.


Students can still attend remotely via the Gradbot robot while staying at home. Contactless, Alta Media's Online Graduation Solution, protects everyone from the risk of virus infection while creating unforgettable memories for graduates, friends, and family.

Live streaming


Real-time interactive

No face to face

Your graduation celebration will go on as planned and properly during social distancing. People can still exchange, congratulate each other, and enjoy the atmosphere of the ceremony without leaving home and without direct contact. Plus, you can invite everyone you want to your virtual graduation without worrying about space limitations.

No matter where they are located, Gradbot helps students feel more connected to their friends and teachers by giving them a physical presence at the Online Graduation Ceremony. Events can also be broadcast live, reducing the cost of organizing as well as travel costs compared to a live event.


Held anytime

Attend from anywhere

Unlimited attendees

Live streaming

Real-time interactive

No face to face meeting

Standard process

Capture moment

Cost saving




The robots, dubbed Gradbot by Alta Media, are dressed in graduation gowns and caps just like regular graduation ceremonies. Each robot has a screen displaying the student's face, camera, speaker, and microphone to allow students to interact with the surrounding people.

Like the in-person graduation ceremony, the moderator calls out the student's name, and the student representative robot controlled via a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone proceeds to receive the degree. Graduates will see the hall, teachers, and experience as if they were directly attending. The ceremony will be live-streamed for all attendees to see.

While virtual graduation will not look like a traditional one, it can help create unforgettable memories for the graduate, friends, and family. This solution can be used for schools that want to hold planned ceremonies while being able to avoid mass gatherings amid the pandemic.

Alta Media's robots allow users to interact with environments far from their current location. So, not only are they useful for attending graduations, they can be used in different contexts for a variety of applications such as travel, visiting museums, exhibitions, or viewing model homes without the need to leave the house. Or it can also be applied to business activities such as sample delivery robots, receptionist robots.

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AR: More intuitive, more accessible



Augmented reality (AR)-based product visualizations can be used to deliver a higher level of interactive experiences that connect with customers than traditional advertising. An opportunity for marketers to connect with potential customers, using technology that allows customers to try and learn about products, while at home.

AR and consumer readiness

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have created significant changes in consumer behavior and thinking, including the acceptance of virtualization technology. According to some studies, the majority of consumers want to use augmented reality (AR) to view, buy products or go to remote locations to ensure safety and eliminate geographical distance.

Furthermore, augmented reality allows marketers to deliver real-life product stories and allows customers to create real-life experiences – around the products they care about. This is more impactful than just viewing product images.

With Augmented Reality Customers “see and try” before buying

It is obvious that customers always want to try a product before buying. The best use of AR for marketing is to connect potential customers with products without touching or using them. AR provides the ability for customers to interact with a brand's products through smartphone apps and websites.

Using AR, potential customers can try on makeup, clothing, and a variety of home-related products even before they own the products. AR allows customers to “try on” dozens or even hundreds of items to find the one that best meets their needs.

Augmented reality is especially valuable for online sales strategies related to cosmetics, clothing, furniture, etc. as consumers almost always need to judge an item by trying it on for themselves.

Support product, service and brand information

Augmented reality offers the potential for businesses to add a digital component on top of their physical environments and products. Customers can scan products or objects to create an AR experience tailored to provide additional information about the product or some form of brand-related experience.

The adoption of AR in this regard spans many industries and markets. Example: Cheese brand Laughing Cow has created an augmented reality game app that allows users to view a 3D display of a cheese production line. During the game, customers can visualize and understand the production stages as well as the nutritional composition of the product. They can also share this experience on social networking apps.

Or in the marketing campaign of the Knorr brand, they introduced consumers to the AR Food Ninja game. Through the game, users can get to know the natural ingredients contained in their Natural product line (Detail)

AR enhances brand image

Augmented reality can include brand information such as business cards and brochures. Users can scan printed documents with their mobile devices to access a range of features, providing them with additional information and ways to contact the brand.

For example, users can scan brochures to display a video highlighting the information being conveyed, giving a dynamic element to the static text on the brochure.

Run an augmented reality marketing campaign with Alta Media

In a competitive market, an augmented reality campaign can be different. It allows a brand to stand out from its peers, creating viral effects and name recognition. At Alta Media, we specialize in producing the best, most innovative, and most effective AR marketing campaigns. For advice on the right solution for your brand, contact:

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The future of marketing is AR


Every technology innovation opens the door for marketers to experiment with new ways to delight customers. AR has become a new marketing trend that every brand cannot ignore because of the outstanding features that this technology brings to products and services.

Officially appeared in the 90s and built based on VR (Virtual Reality), AR is considered an important step forward in the field of technology. Unlike VR, where a simulated space is created through 3-D glasses, AR allows users to see objects in the real world through an electronic device, adding virtual details to the real world. From Pokémon Go, brands pay more attention to the unlimited variation of AR when applied to different fields. Today, this technology is covering all industries and fields from education and medicine to retail, e-commerce, entertainment, etc.

Marketing with augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is an emerging trend in sales and marketing strategies, one that allows brands to offer customers unique experiences with the convenience of using their mobile devices.

Mobile has become one of the most important media through which consumers interact with brands and make purchasing decisions. AR provides a tool for driving sales and enhancing brand equity through mobile devices.

Strong visualization, the ability to convey ideas through images in an interactive way, is the top reason why AR is such a good application for marketing. In addition, AR also has flexibility with high variability, always innovates, awakens curiosity, and is especially highly personalized, so it creates a better and more exciting experience for customers.

Augmented reality solutions are easy to use, accessible, and increase user-brand engagement. With AR, it's easy to show customers how to use a particular product or service without having to spend hours reading manuals. Communication can also be enhanced in some specific industries, such as real estate. Buyers can make virtual visits to properties without having to travel far and waste time.

Even more interesting is that it can create a sense of ownership for some products for the user before the purchase is complete. For example, if you mostly try on some sunglasses, and you want to see them on your face through the screen of your laptop or smartphone, then you are more likely to complete the process and order them. This can happen to clothe, furniture, and even cars.

Brands incorporate AR into their marketing strategies to attract and retain customers
noticed up to 40% higher conversion rates

Marketing trends using AR

AR provides solutions for many types of businesses in different industries. The benefits of augmented reality in marketing are endless. AR sales tools can allow customers to view and interact with products in the detailed way they desire, from high-level overviews to detailed inspection of individual components. Augmented reality gives customers more access to the information they need to make decisions.

Soon, AR is expected to be a widely applied marketing method in the retail industry because of bringing new and exciting experiences to users. Besides, the combination of AR and AI (artificial intelligence) is also considered a trend for businesses. This combination brings innovative changes and helps businesses solve current difficulties.

Alta Media provides AR marketing solutions for brands

Augmented reality is seen as one of the driving forces behind sales and marketing innovations over the next decade. Using AR, forward-looking businesses will be able to enhance the experience they provide to their customers, resulting in increased business opportunities and sales. This emerging trend is changing the marketing and sales game, becoming one of the main choices among B2C markets.

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What You Don't Know About Augmented Reality


Augmented reality (AR) subtly combines virtual and real worlds. AR allows users to experience the virtual world right in the real environment, between the real space through a computer or smartphone. If you are still wondering what exactly it is, this article will help you.

What exactly is augmented reality?

Pokémon Go, launched in 2016, was the first official consumer interest in augmented reality. The game became extremely popular at the time to capture monsters. It uses location tracking and the camera in the user’s smartphone to encourage them to go out in search of virtual loot and collect monsters. Proven to be extremely addictive, it is a powerful marketing tool and contributes to additional advertising revenue.

Augmented reality has become a buzzword, but the technology remains a mystery to many. Instead of a computer-generated environment for interaction like virtual reality (VR), AR adds virtual details created by computers or phones to the real world, rendering or simulating 3D objects right in the real environment, to enhance the experience.

They appear directly in the real environment and add audio, video, and graphics to help people feel like the real thing. Allows users to continue to interact with the physical world around, interact with virtual content in real life, such as touching, grabbing.

The feature of AR technology is that it does not need to use any other supporting devices, does not require specialized hardware. The most commonly used AR applications today are based on smartphones and tablets.

The main components of the augmented reality device

Sensors and cameras

Sensors are often outside of augmented reality devices and collect real-world interactions of the user and communicate them to be processed and interpreted. The camera is also placed on the outside of the device and visually scans to collect data about the surrounding area.


Projectors can essentially turn any surface into an interactive environment. The information captured by the cameras is used to examine the world around them, processed, and then projected onto a surface in front of the user.

Supercomputer mini

Augmented reality devices are essentially mini supercomputers packaged into small wearable devices. These devices require considerable computing power and use many of the same components as smartphones.


Mirrors are used in augmented reality devices to assist the eye in seeing virtual images.

Applications of AR

Now that you know what AR is and how it works, try to guess what industries this technology could be used in. While games are a real breakthrough, augmented reality has many more uses. AR has proven useful in a variety of fields, from advertising to medicine.


Augmented reality helps marketers and advertisers reach their audiences more effectively. Unlike regular ads, AR ads are interactive and engaging, so they not only drive sales but also increase brand awareness.


Augmented reality helps companies improve productivity and quality. Production workers can get assistance from AR gadgets to reduce human error, save time and increase efficiency.


Online shopping is convenient, saving time and money. AR apps are a great solution, allowing customers to view or even try out products sold online.


AR can provide medical device users with important and intuitive information. For example, a doctor will be able to see a 3D image of an MRI result while talking to a patient or analyzing its fluctuations.

Maps and travel

It adds complete information about the locations. It is used for mapping directions, finding nearby businesses, and other location-focused mobile apps.


In sports, coaches use AR to draw lines on the field to illustrate and analyze tactics.

Above is the information explaining AR technology and its applications. If you have any questions or need advice, please let us know by contacting:


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Safer service with the check-in kiosk


While the adoption of check-in kiosk systems is increasing around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has made it a real necessity. To ensure everyone’s health and safety, kiosks are not only used at major airports but are also expected to be applied in all hospitals, hotels, offices, and events.

The need for automatic check-in Kiosk

Before the pandemic happened, the overcrowding of customers waiting to check-in had never left a positive impression and loyalty in the minds of customers. Most clients are tired of doing tedious paperwork. Self-service check-in kiosks at airports, hotels, hospitals, etc. are the simplest way to respond to the growing number of customers and the challenges associated with shortages of facilities, Infrastructure, or human resources. It saves and improves the entire customer experience.

And the pandemic is the catalyst for health protection solutions to keep operations running efficiently while keeping safety a priority. Kiosk check-in is a measure to ensure the safety of both employees and customers during the current rapidly spreading Covid pandemic.

Check-in kiosks limit direct contact

As we all know, limiting face-to-face contact is a surefire way to slow the spread of Covid-19. Airports, offices, hospitals, hotels, etc. are looking to innovate existing processes to protect customers and employees. The self-registration kiosk system, developed by Alta Media, can be a useful tool to keep things running smoothly. It creates a safe environment for both guests and employees and has a positive long-term impact on your business.

The kiosk allows customers to check in and register without the help of the front desk. They are portable, can be placed anywhere and at any time, to meet customer needs. It adds a personalized level of service, offers recommendations, important information, and guarantees no face-to-face contact.

Screening high-temperature people

One of the main symptoms of Covid-19 is a high temperature, and current government guidance notes that people with high temperatures need to be isolated as a precaution. For employee safety, temperature checks can help reduce the risk of an outbreak at the facility.

Check-in kiosks can integrate with medical declaration and temperature measurement systems to help screen high-risk people, keeping everyone safe.

Get ready for Covid 19 with an automatic check-in kiosk

Your goal is to provide a secure, efficient customer experience that increases their loyal, and keeps your business is running. With Alta Media's contactless check-in kiosk solution, customers don't have to interact directly with front desk staff while making check-ins faster and without waiting.

Give your customers a safe and productive experience

• Reduced time for procedures;;
• Better control, convenience and quick service;
• Reduce customer waiting time;
• More people are served in a shorter time;
• More accurate and detailed passenger data;
• No direct contact.

If you are looking for a comprehensive self check-in service provider for your organization, Contact us for more details.

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Modernize Check-in Process with self-kiosk


The continued growth in air traffic and passenger traffic through airports is driving the need for simpler and faster passenger handling at check-in counters. Alta Media’s automated check-in kiosks simplify the check-in process, significantly reducing costs for businesses and organizations. It brings great convenience and security to thousands of passengers at airports.

Easy to use interface

Intuitive, simple interface that can meet individual or group guest requirements; can be set up in different languages.

Optimizing cost and space

Kiểu dáng đẹp và hiện đại, tối ưu hóa không gian hiệu quả. Chi phí cho mỗi ki-ốt thấp, cung cấp dịch vụ 24/7.

Payment support

Passengers can pay for the seat upgrade, additional baggage, excess baggage fees and other charges directly at the kiosk via credit card.

Increase brand awareness

Decorate icons, messages, logos on the front and side to increase brand awareness.

Self-check-in means that passengers can self-check-in before boarding through kiosks. At airports, many people need to arrive at the departure gate at the same time in a short time. Essential safety and organization-related processes require a high degree of automation. Of course, passengers can use the regular check-in desk, but given many passengers and the waiting time involved, it makes sense to use a self-check-in kiosk.

Automatic check-in kiosk – Ready to depart within seconds.

Alta Media’s automatic check-in kiosk is a touch screen device that allows passengers to self-check in and pay by credit or debit card. The solutions are particularly flexible, which can further customize the registration functionality as needed. Using a check-in kiosk, passengers can choose their seats, check-in, and print their boarding passes hours before departure. Passengers can complete check-in quickly and easily, just like online check-in.

Airport Kiosk assist passenger check in access

  • Passengers enter booking number from e-ticket
  • The system filters the list of flights and when found, it will go through the check-in step
  • Passengers scan passport and visa (as required by the system)
  • Passengers choose their seats among those provided by the system
  • Boarding card printing system


An all-in-one solution for ticketing, ticket printing and check-in.

Check-in kiosks are considered to make a significant contribution to enhancing the passenger experience. They can reduce the time required to process check-in by up to 80% at the airport. But more than that, check-in kiosks also benefit the airline. It frees up queues and gives employees time to provide support when it’s needed most.

The installation of kiosks will help

  • Segmentation of passengers with and without checked baggage.
  • To reduce queues at the check-in counter.
  • Separate the stages of check-in and baggage deposit.
  • To reduce passenger service costs.

Alta Media's automated check-in kiosks remove the discomforts of face-to-face contact, providing a more convenient and secure personalized experience. An all-in-one solution that aims to make management and operation simple, fast and efficient.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Leave information here or contact directly:

  • Mr. Tai Hoang- 0933 802 408
  • Mr. Tu Hoang - 0903 045 711
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Application of automatic check-in Kiosk


To earn customer loyalty, it is important to provide them with positive and memorable experiences using your business services. And automated check-in kiosks are the perfect way to personalize interactions with each customer, making customers happy

Studies have shown that two-thirds of customers will choose self-service, rather than the usual interaction with the front desk. This is not surprising in an age of consumers who see technology as a time saver and simple communication. Along with that, check-in kiosks can have different language settings, so international customers will have an easier time checking in. A simple, personalized process increases guest satisfaction.

Using an automated check-in kiosk in a property does not replace face-to-face interactions, but it can provide a better customer experience. This is proof that technology brings a lot of benefits to both businesses and the customers who use it. Automated check-in kiosks can reduce waiting time, minimize human error, and collect information about each customer to provide a tailored experience for each individual.

1. Kiosk check-in and print tickets at the airport

Alta Media provides automatic check-in kiosks for Vietjet Air

Self-check-in kiosks are for airline passengers with e-tickets who want to check in without waiting. Using the check-in kiosk, passengers can choose their seats, check in and print their boarding passes hours before departure. They can also use the kiosk in the last minutes before their flight instead of having to wait in long lines at the check-in desk when time is running out.

The reduction of waiting time, quick check-in will be highly appreciated by customers, and consider using the service of that airline again. Kiosk check-in is increasingly popular with passengers thanks to its convenience and initiative for passengers and reducing the risk of Covid-19 infection due to direct contact.

2. Hotel check-in kiosks

The check-in kiosk acts as an alternative to the usual front desk service. By automating the check-in process, you can avoid many mistakes such as misspelled names, wrong rooms, special requests, etc., and improve the way you interact with customers in a more personalized way. Self-check-in kiosks can accurately record customer data, as guests enter information themselves at check-in.

This data is saved when the customer comes to check in next time. In addition, this stored information can be used to email promotional messages, including attractive offers tailored to the tastes of each customer.

3. Medical Kiosk at the hospital, clinic/strong>

Automated health diagnosis kiosk at the hospital

Designed to relieve pressure on healthcare workers, kiosks reduce waiting for lines. Self-check-in kiosks can streamline many administrative activities in a hospital, especially patient admission. This is a solution to promote patient satisfaction and improve the operational efficiency of medical facilities.

With the medical kiosk, patients can quickly look up information about the procedure, look up medical records, register for online medical examination, and find their way to the desired departments and clinics. Some kiosks also integrate checking of basic metrics. These kiosks sync with personal electronic medical records to create a more seamless and efficient medical experience.

4. Kiosk access control for events, amusement parks…


Security control kiosk at Live concert RapViet All-stars

Security control for events, amusement parks or any other area is no longer dependent on personnel with the help of an access control kiosk. The kiosk can be equipped with a magnetic card or biometric reader to grant access to customers. In addition, it is possible to equip additional ticket printers on site for new registrants.

Alta Media’s smart check-in kiosk

Automated check-in kiosks are not always a substitute for traditional services, but if you want to enhance the customer experience, then consider Alta Media's Smart Check-in Kiosk Solution. Provides an easy-to-use, self-service interface that eliminates the discomforts of face-to-face contact, providing a more convenient and secure personalized experience. The Kiosk interface is fully customizable with your brand's logo and images, plus a wide choice of languages.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Leave information here or contact directly:

  • Mr. Tai Hoang- 0933 802 408
  • Mr. Tu Hoang - 0903 045 711
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