For the first time in Ho Chi Minh City, a technology exhibition for events was organized on a grand scale. The collaboration between Alta Media and nearly 30 other companies created a unique world of technology at the Event Technology Exhibition.

Alta Media showcased cutting-edge technology equipment, providing the most immersive experiences

On October 14th, the press and media focused their attention on the Event Technology Exhibition (ETE). This event showcased the latest technology in event organization, offering the most advanced equipment and unforgettable experiences. The grandeur of the Event Technology Exhibition attracted over 10,000 visitors to the GEM Center. Serving as a technology partner, Alta Media played a crucial role in the visual aspect with its state-of-the-art projection system.

The ETE exhibition utilized the entire GEM Center space to create a virtual world, showcasing the most advanced modern equipment. With a total area of over 5,000 square meters, the exhibition was divided into three areas with three themes: "To The Ocean," "To The Cave," and "To The Forest." All these areas are seamlessly connected to create a journey of exploration through the world of technology.

Technology robots welcomed attendees

Starting from the check-in area, attendees were amazed by unique technology systems like Holomesh and Holotube. Furthermore, guests were welcomed by technology robots and interactive screens. All these devices were provided by Alta Media to enhance the excitement of the Event Technology Exhibition from the very beginning.

With the spirit of "Dare To Inspire" at ETE, Alta Media challenged themselves, harnessing the power of creative technology to transform the virtual ocean world in the "To The Ocean" section. To create a truly immersive experience of the vast ocean, Alta Media employed Projection Mapping on walls and floors in combination with two 20m x 5m Gauze screens.

Cutting-edge technology led visitors to explore the depths of the ocean

This creativity simulated an unexpected deep-sea expedition. Attendees were immersed in a dazzling and surreal world with the most advanced projection technology provided by Alta Media.

Beyond the vast ocean, Alta Media guided visitors to explore mysterious caves. Welcoming visitors was Alta Media's 2-meter-wide mist screen. This unique technology used water vapor to display images on the mist screen, allowing objects to pass through. Through Alta Media's mist screen, visitors felt like they had entered a mystical cave, creating an incredibly realistic experience.

Alta Media is the technology partner of the Event Technology Exhibition

Finally, visitors got to explore the "To The Forest" zone on the top floor of the GEM Center, resembling a technological feast with a range of cutting-edge equipment. At the end of their journey through the world of technology, all attendees certainly had unforgettable and impressive experiences.

In addition to the exhibition space, visitors also enjoyed artistic performances combined with projection technology. The performances, which combined projection, sound, and lighting systems, created a visual "explosion," igniting endless inspiration in the infinite world of technology.

As the technology partner of the Event Technology Exhibition, Alta Media is incredibly proud to have contributed to the success of this dazzling technology showcase. Moreover, this event served as a bridge for collaborating entities to create new technology trends.

In the era of Industry 4.0, Alta Media is committed to staying at the forefront of digital transformation, offering unique technology solutions. To date, Alta Media has successfully completed many projects, becoming the ideal partner for brands looking to apply innovative scientific and creative technology to turn bold ideas into reality.