On the track, in addition to enjoying the excitement and pleasure of conquering challenging turns, what the racers are interested in is an achievement. At Circuit Run event series – simulating the last Yamaha GP race, Alta Media used RFID technology to calculate race time – this is considered the gold standard for calculating results in modern speed races.

Reading speed up to 80km / h

Reading range up to 25m

Durable, reusable

Accurate and timely results are the most important factor in the success of any speed race. Whether it’s a small-scale internal event or a large-scale public event, participants want to know their results quickly, accurately, and reliably.

Race event explodes with live race time tracking system

At the Yamaha Circuit Run 2020 event to collect and display real-time live results on the racing venue’s screen, Alta Media offers a time-counting solution using RFID. This is a solution that calculates the exact time and provides data for display software in real-time. The system is capable of:

  • Count the lap and run times for each lap.
  • Calculate results by teams and individuals.
  • Display results in real-time.
  • Support connection via LAN, Internet.

Project information

  • Client: Yamaha Viet Nam
  • Event: Circuit Run
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh city and Da Nang city


Several methods are commonly used to record results:

  • Manual / handwritten: Stopwatch and paper can be used for time races.
  • Take pictures at the finish line with a special video camera that can capture more than 120 images per second with a time display.

The problem here is that these methods are easy to miss or confuse results. Furthermore, rendering the results live in real-time seems impossible.


RFID high frequency
Passive card

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is a technology that identifies objects by radio waves, allowing a device to read the information contained in the chip at a long distance, without the need for direct contact. Time data is automatically recorded and transmitted immediately when the transmitter ends. The RFID system is also connected to the streaming visualization software, allowing for live timing and easier real-time race data transmission. The data can be exported to a screen on the track, on the website, or via the mobile app.
The RFID system includes the following devices:

The RFID system includes the following devices:

  • RFID tags (RFID Tag, also known as transponder).
  • RFID card reader (also known as reader-reader).
  • Antenna: is the equipment that links between the card and the reader. Readers emit wave signals to activate and transmit with the card.
  • Server: receive, process data, monitoring, statistics, control.


RFID technology can be widely applied in transportation, sales, security control, human resource management, healthcare, education, … to help the work of the management are reduced, safety and accuracy enhanced./.

Alta Media hopes that with the support of RFID technology, a lot of work done by humans will be reduced, more efficient, and quality.