Calligraphy is an art that appeared a long time ago and is often used to express people’s thoughts through written language, it contains traditional national values and is educational for people about morality. , human life. But in today’s era, when society is increasingly developing, people are gradually exposed to more modern things such as computers and phones, but gradually forget the traditional characters of the nation. Because of that, Alta Media’s Calligraphy Robotic was born as a tool both to avoid obliterating the art of calligraphy and to catch up with the breath of modern technology.

Calligraphy Robotic makes calligraphic writing breathe with modern technology 

The appearance of the Calligraphy Robot?

Calligraphy Robotic, also known as Calligraphy Robot, was first developed in 2012 by a research team at Keio University in Tokohama (Japan), under the direction of Professor Seiichiro Katsura. It is designed with a mechanical arm to teach students how to properly hold the brush and perform the strokes of a kanji or the intricate strokes of shodo.

While it took people many years to study shodo properly but only with Calligraphy Robotic every work of art can be instantly recreated by its ability to capture all the nuances of gestures and movements without robots get. Its birth is receiving a lot more attention by brands and businesses in Asian countries with the desire to bring new experiences and preserve the beauty of traditional artistic writing.


What is special about Calligraphy Robotic?

The use of technology known as a motion copying system helps the robot identify, store, and mimic drawings, no matter how complex. Using the main motor attached to the brush handle and the auxiliary motor attached to the brush head, these two motors attached to the robot help to capture movement and speed like a true artist.

In addition, it can perfectly reproduce the force exerted on the brush and this is also the most important element in the art of calligraphy. All this is done using specially designed sensors and Alta Media hopes that with Calligraphy Robotic calligraphy can be set up perfectly.


Features of Calligraphy Robotic

Easy to imitate handwriting style

Write faster with high accuracy

Diverse workspace

Give your brand a personal touch


The Importance of Calligraphy with Calligraphy Robotic

Young people in Vietnam in particular and the world in general are living in a society that has too many wonderful gadgets such as video games and attractive items that attract attention. In addition, the generation gap is increasing and traditional values are receiving less attention than ever. It makes many people worry that the art of calligraphy is gradually disappearing and there are not enough young people to participate. That is also the purpose of the researched calligraphic writing robot.

Calligraphy robot of Alta Media allows calligraphy to be fun, faster and more complete than we could have imagined. In addition to avoiding the destruction of this traditional art form, it can also store and preserve data for use in teaching writing. In addition to using a robot during Tet, it can also be applied in many other situations and creates unexpected effects for attendees.

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