The poster is the most marketing common variable, used by many organizations and businesses. This is an effective communication tool that is inexpensive and aimed at the audience and possible customers. Because of those benefits, Posters are widely and widely used in many fields. Let’s find out with Alta Media the most commonly used poster types today.

What is poster?

A poster is a media publication to convey information about a brand, product, campaign, event, etc. with images to viewers. Despite the rapid advancements of technology, there are many new methods to promote information, but it is still one of the simple, accessible, and effective ways! Information about attractive promotions, opening times, promotional gifts, etc. of the business is notified to customers quickly.

Poster brings high efficiency through promoting the interest of customers to the information it displays. They are often placed in crowded places, attracting people's attention such as shopping malls, cinemas, bus stops, supermarkets. As an important part of the marketing campaign, it is a great tool for businesses to promote their brands at a very small cost compared to other forms of advertising such as through radio and television.

Popular types of posters

Based on the content transmitted, people are divided into 3 popular types:

1. Advertising poster Poster


Commercial posters are the most common and most common type. They are used to advertise products and services. Such posters have a large image along with a slogan, message, and a few hints about a special feature of the product or service. It also has information for viewers about where they can find the product or service.

2. Posters conveying community information


A type of poster that also appears frequently in public places is a poster that conveys community information. It conveys information about events, movies, celebrities, propaganda, promotion. The purpose of this type is not to promote much but to inform and propagate messages about events and awareness to the community to promote and call on viewers to act.

3. Poster art


This type of poster is often used to propagate art and cultural events such as movies, photos, plays, exhibitions, etc. In addition, art posters are also often used for special marketing communication purposes. It spreads awareness of a complete campaign rather than simply promoting the brand.

Based on the material, people are divided into 3 types:

1. Outdoor posters


The material used for outdoor posters is usually hi flex material. The main structure from PVC, hi flex has high durability, able to withstand harsh weather.

2. Indoor posters


The main materials used are paper such as couch paper, Bristol paper... Indoor design is very diverse with many designs, colors do not require high printing techniques.

3. Digital poster


Multimedia content is displayed on an LED screen instead of being printed, which can be used outdoors or indoors. Compared to traditional static posters, digital posters are cheaper, better engage customers, and easier to manage.

A poster is considered successful if it conveys the message clearly and influences the viewer's thoughts and actions in the direction desired by the business/organization. There are many types of popular posters that bring great effects not only to businesses and brands but also to the community. Hopefully, the above information will help you have more options for your business' promotion campaign to attract more attention than your business is aiming for./.