On December 17th, the Nutrilite Kids product launch event took place in Ho Chi Minh City, featuring a plethora of meaningful and beneficial activities. Particularly, the mesmerizing “aerial artistry” showcased in the Drone Light Show left a profound impression on attendees.

Alta Media accompanies the Nutrilite Kids product launch event

Nutrilite, the pioneering nutritional plant-based brand of the Amway conglomerate, focuses on providing natural nutritional products to support health and ensure the quality of dietary regimes. Eager to emphasize product development through modern science, Nutrilite collaborated with Alta Media to introduce a new display technology – the visually captivating Drone Light Show, designed to enchant every spectator.

Receiving warm acclaim from consumers, Nutrilite continued its commitment to unveiling new products for children. The Nutrilite product launch event marked a significant milestone in the brand’s dedication to nutrition and healthcare. In light of this meaningful occasion, high-level distributors, agents, and consumers were treated to insights on nutrition and healthy child development by Amway’s Nutrilite Scientific Advisor, Jennifer Dang.

Attendees can listen to useful sharing about nutrition and health

Within the event framework, attendees were not only provided with valuable health information but also treated to unique performances. The standout feature was, without a doubt, the Drone Light Show orchestrated by Alta Media.

The Drone Light Show involves unmanned aerial vehicles capable of creating complex and impressive light effects. Integrating modern technology and precise techniques, these small flying devices transform into dazzling, larger-than-life images. In recent years, Drone Light Shows have become a global technology trend, highly favored at major events such as festivals, concerts, and exhibitions.

Interactive dance performance with Alta Media's Drone Light Show

At the Nutrilite Kids product launch event, Alta Media showcased the full allure of unmanned aerial devices through an interactive art performance. Leveraging advanced technology, precise control capabilities, and flexible responsiveness, Alta Media’s Drone Light Show moved gracefully, synchronizing with the choreography to deliver a mesmerizing performance that held the audience’s gaze.

Previously, the Drone Light Show had already displayed its artistic prowess at the HOUSE OF TECH event organized by Alta Media, receiving significant attention from attendees. With technological prowess, Alta Media confidently promises to bring even more unique art performances, becoming a focal point for all events. Through the fusion of art and technology in this event, the Nutrilite Kids product launch was successfully concluded. Alta Media takes pride in creating unforgettable and enduring experiences.

As a business committed to constant innovation and technical breakthroughs, Alta Media consistently applies modern technology to provide useful solutions and unique experiences for its customers. To date, the company has become an ideal partner for many brands, successfully realizing numerous projects and turning every imaginative idea into reality.”