On January 13, more than 7,000 Buddhists participated in the Dharma Talk Program “Giac Mo Lon” hosted by Master Minh Niem. As a digital solution provider, Alta Media has brought a unique experience, spreading peaceful energy to thousands of Buddhists attending the program.

Alta Media is the digital solution provider for the Dharma Talk Program "Giac Mo Lon" by master Minh Niem

Dharma Talk program “Giac Mo Lon” was held at Quoc An Khai Tuong Pagoda and chaired by Master Minh Niem. He is one of the most talented and virtuous teachers, famous for his book Understanding the Heart and his extremely meaningful lectures on Buddhism, conveying positive energy to young people. Accompanying Master Minh Niem’s ​​Dharma talk program, Alta Media created a new and impressive dream contemplation session through modern technological equipment.

From the opening part of the program, thousands of Buddhists felt the gentle, peaceful energy through the simple, intimate images painstakingly designed by Alta Media. Most especially, on the nearly 20-hectare campus of Quoc An Khai Tuong Pagoda, these images are displayed very vividly, and visually pleasing to the eye with modern 3D Mapping technology.

Alta Media's 3D Mapping technology provides an impressive visual experience

3D Mapping projection technology is the most modern and advanced application today with the ability to reproduce images realistically. They are like a painting portrayed by light, leading the viewer into the emotions of the space. Therefore, at the Dharma Talk Program “Giac Mo Lon”, Alta Media applied this advanced technology throughout the program, to convey the message and spread peaceful energy to thousands of Buddhists.

To have such impressive and powerful visual experiences, Alta Media has applied modern technological equipment. Within the framework of the program, the Talk & Music session used a total of 6 Christie 22k projectors – D20WU-HS.

Alta Media uses high-quality equipment to deliver extremely sharp images

The D20WU-HS device with BoldColor technology and WUXGA resolution reproduces extremely vivid and realistic images. At the same time, this projection device also has a brightness of up to 20,600 lumens, and color accuracy is absolutely enhanced. In addition, Alta Media chose the Christie 22k projector because of its compact design, which can be easily installed, moved, and flexible in any space. This is also the lightest and brightest projector on the market today.

In addition to quality projectors, Alta Media also uses specialized event equipment from PIXELHUE – one of the world’s leading video processing solution providers. To operate a program with a scale of thousands of people, Series F8 is the ideal choice with many outstanding advantages.

Series F8 connects to a Full HD Livestream Camera that broadcasts live images on the Mapping surface

Series F8 is one of PIXELHUE’s products with multi-screen event management capabilities. Designed with 8 input and 8 output ports, the device is suitable for all formats, optimizing the selection of different modules. The F8 series operates with stable performance and can transmit 4k@60hz 4:4:4 10bits video at high speed and accuracy.

Within the framework of Master Minh Niem’s ​​Dharma talk program, Series F8 is also connected by Alta Media to a Full HD Livestream Camera to broadcast live images at the scene on 3 Mapping surfaces. With high performance, the device can completely ensure image quality and accuracy. At the same time, Series F8 is also user-friendly, easy to use, and can meet all presentation requirements.

Master Minh Niem's ​​Dharma Talk Program attracted more than 7,000 Buddhists to attend

Thanks to the application of advanced, top-quality equipment, Alta Media has successfully applied modern technology to religious culture, bringing a peaceful art space to Buddhists. Besides the profound and meaningful lectures of Master Minh Niem, more than 7,000 Buddhists also enjoyed quiet, peaceful music performances with unique visual effects designed by Alta Media.

Master Minh Niem’s ​​Dharma Talk Program brought valuable experiences with moments of peace and quiet. Accompanying the program, Alta Media is extremely proud to have the opportunity to apply technological advantages to build a solemn Buddhist space, spread peaceful energy, and focus, and promote good religious values. of the nation.